Summit Venue: Jeju ICC

Location: Jungmun, Seowipo, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
Plottage: 54,876㎡
Builing Area: 15,218㎡
Gross Area: 62,125㎡
Scope of Building: 7 Story Building
Height: 34,94m
Date of Opening: 2003. 03. 22

Resort-style convention center

International Conventions, Banquets, Sports, Events, etc.

Major Facilities:
- Convention Hall (Capacity of Tamna Hall : Approx 4,300)
- Middle Size Convention Hall
- Exhibition Hall (Event Hall), Ieodo Plaza( Outdoor Banquet Area)

Auxiliary Facilities:
Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Convenient Store, Post Office, Car Rental Service, Flower Shop, etc.

Main event in ICC:
- ASEAN-Republic of Korea Commemorative Summit
- ASEAN-Korea CEO Summit (5Fl. ICC)
- ASEAN-KOREA Traditional Music Orchestra (5Fl. ICC)
- Green Technology Exhibition (3Fl. ICC)
- Media Center (1Fl. ICC)



This blog is made by The Preparatory Office for ASEAN-KOREA Commemorative Summit 2009