Jeju: A Paradise For Raw Fish Lovers

If you think Japan is the best place in the world to try some raw fish(hoe), you're WRONG. Because it's Jeju, not Japan. Period. Jeju is an island, so obviously there is lots of raw fish around in Jeju. And nowhere else has fresher raw fish than Jeju. Dubbed as "treasures of the sra", it is also appreciated for the melt-in-your-mouth-like-a-cotton-candy-texture and high nutritious value.

If you haven't tried raw fish, you probably should. You're missing something beautiful in your life. Drinking Soju(Korean traditional alcohol) with raw fish is the best way to get drunk.

You might have tried Sushi. You might have liked it. However the rice part of Sushi ruins the pure taste of raw fish. Eating raw fish as raw fish is a real deal. Give it a chance.

Raw fish in Jeju is so nice that people have a "Raw Fish Birthday Cake." on birthday, like this.

Cuttlefish(Hanchi), a close relative of squid and octopus, is said to be both flavorful and high in protein and calcium. this raw cuttlefish mixed with water(mul) is one of the local favourites. Thinly sliced raw cuttle fish is seasoned with the combination of vinegar, chili source, and soybean paste.

It's only found in Jeju. So if you have a chance to visit Jeju for the summit or other occasions, you should try it. And if you like raw fish(hoe: therefore, it's hanchi-mul-hoe), it's essential. This is Jeju exclusive. Very tasty. A bit spicy though. It's around USD$7.
A stone grandfather or Dolhareubang whose presense was believed to protect the village and to keep evil out has long been a proud trademakr of Jeju. This statue takes on different faces that range from the very imposing to the humorous. Rarely found anywhere else in the world, the bulging eyes, a large stumpy nose, and a wide-thin mouth are the distinctive features of the village guardian. The faintly smiling stone grandfathers were roughly carved out of stone and hold the very image of Jeju Islanders undaunted by their harsh life.

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